Gary Singh

Journalist / Author / Poet

As either a newspaper staff journalist or a general freelancer, Gary has contributed to numerous trade and consumer publications, in a wide variety of subjects, over the last 15 years. Just a few of the plateaus are highlighted here.

Metro Silicon Valley

Every week for over thirteen years, Gary has written the Silicon Alleys column for Metro, San Jose's alternative weekly newspaper. One of the most anticipated pages in the city, Silicon Alleys is a regular installment of bent perspectives on the San Jose condition, usually borne from a creative harmonization of opposites: native/exotic, urban/suburban, punk/easy listening, east/west, luxury/gutter, or academic/street. In addition to the regular column, since 2002 Gary has written another several hundred stories for Metro on a wide variety of subjects: Artificial life, skateboarding, vampires, Liberace, neurofeedback, Big Bird, Chuck Palahniuk, thrash metal, the funeral industry, soccer, urban blight, opera, tea, hi-tech, AD/HD and much more.

Tea and Synchronicity: A sip of Montreal's tea culture evokes a Proustian memory of San Jose's Satori Tea Company
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Two Worlds: The columnist harmonizes the punk rock and easy listening halves of himself to create a more complete identity
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Organic Incongruity: William Dalrymple's City of Djinns inspires the columnist to conjure ghosts of old San Jose neighborhoods
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Give Me a Sign: Visiting the gravesites of James Joyce and Jorge Luis Borges drives the columnist to make a desperate pact
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IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications

Since 2002, Gary has written the "About the Cover" story for each issue of IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, a scientific journal bridging the theory and practice of computer graphics. From specific algorithms to full system implementations, CG&A offers a unique combination of peer-reviewed feature articles and informal departments. "About the Cover" focuses on the creative applications of computer graphics by an artist or designer.

Vivid Surrealism: The Digital art of Zazie
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Business Travel Trade

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Several years of college-era experience in the international conference planning industry eventually paid off when Gary began writing for trade magazines in this industry as early as 2002. He has regularly contributed to this market ever since.

A Magnetic Mix of the Natural and the Manmade
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Gary is an accomplished arts writer, regularly contributing to several publications. One recent story about the street artist Banksy was met with wide acclaim:


Off the Wall:
The prolific street artist Banksy is one of the most polarizing figures in the contemporary art world
Montage Magazine, Winter 2014/15
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